Door Supervisors

Door Supervisors

Security Red Alert is now also able to offer construction work as part of their facilities management portfolio. When you outsource your facilities management to us we offer security, logistics, maintenance, cleaning and repair including construction .In large venues Door Supervisors may use queue management techniques to avoid crushing and queue jumping. Body searches may also be carried out and may involve the use of metal detectors to deter the carrying of weapons. Door supervisors patrol inside a venue and ensure that they can be located in the event of an emergency.

Other responsibilities of door supervisor, depending on the situations include collecting entry tickets from entrants, managing crowds, overseeing the general conditions of crowd behavior, restraining people if needed, escorting people to outside of the venue, and supporting emergency operations if needed. Door supervisors generally work as a team of two persons for several dozens of security professionals according to the demands of the occasion. They co-operate with police, first aid services and management. Door supervisors do a responsible job of safeguarding the property, people and business.

  • managing crowds to avoid crushing and queue jumping
  • collecting tickets from people coming in
  • patrolling inside and outside the venue
  • watching people’s behaviour and dealing with conflict
  • restraining and escorting people out of the venue, if necessary
  • dealing with emergencies
  • supervising people as they leave the building
  • co-operating with the police, first aiders and management.

They liaise closely with the police, first aides and management to play a proactive role in defusing tensions in hostile or violent situations. They also work to reduce the supply of drugs into a venue.

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