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Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers are classified to indicate their ability to handle specific classes and sizes of fires. Labels on extinguishers indicate the class and relative size of fire that they can be expected to handle.

Class A extinguishers are used on fires involving ordinary combustibles, such as wood, cloth, and paper. Class B extinguishers are used on fires involving liquids, greases, and gases. Class C extinguishers are used on fires involving energized electrical equipment. Class D extinguishers are used on fires involving metals such as magnesium, titanium, zirconium, sodium, and potassium.


We provide a complete range of fire extinguishers for both domestic and commercial uses including dry powder, foam and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. These fire extinguishers are designed for different types of fire, such as paper fire, electrical or liquid fires.

Advice From Trained And Experienced Fire Safety Advisors

If you have a business or offer accommodation to paying guests you are required by law to have fire alarms, extinguishers and evacuation procedures in place, all of which should be well maintained, well rehearsed and tested regularly.

The Fire Safety Order applies to you if you own or are responsible for any of the following premises:

  • Offices or retail outlet
  • Factories, warehouses or industrial premises
  • Care or residential homes
  • Community or village halls, places of worship and similar
  • The common areas of Houses with Multiple Occupancy (HMOs)
  • Clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants
  • Schools and educational establishments
  • Hotels, motels, B&Bs, hostels and guest houses

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Our trained, vetted and experienced staff is available to visit your premises and provide a FREE consultation, after this survey we will design, install and monitor the fire alarms, providing round the clock protection for you and your staff or family.