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Fire Risk Assessment

One of the most dangerous and destructive threats to home or business is fire. Fire costs lives and can do many thousands of pounds worth of damage in a matter of minutes so even if you get everyone out of a burning building in time your business might never recover. Since the Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order came into effect in October 2006 all common areas of any non residential building, be that a shop, office, common areas of housing blocks and houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs) have to be risk assessed and brought into line with these regulations in order to comply with the law.

Specialized Fire Risk Assessment

Security Red Alert provide a specialized risk assessment team who will visit your premises and give you help and advice on how you can comply with the law, keeping your staff, residents, property and business safe. As well as being fully qualified to conduct risk assessment for properties of any size Security Red Alert are proud members of the Fire Protection Association, the UK’s national fire safety organisation. Our staff identifies and evaluate risks, develop action plans and procedures and even conduct training so that in the unlikely event of fire your people can be evacuated quickly and safely and the fire extinguished efficiently.

Fire Extinguishers And Fire Alarms

As well as providing practical training and assessments Security Red Alert also provide an exhaustive range of fire extinguishers of all types which we will help with locating throughout your premises according to the risk assessment we provide. We also protect you by installing fire alarm and emergency lighting systems, alerting you to the danger as soon as possible so that a safe and rapid evacuation can take place.

The Regulatory Reform Order for Fire Safety applies to you when you are:
  • Responsible for business premises
  • An employer or self employed with business premises
  • Responsible for part of a dwelling where part is solely used for business
  • A voluntary or charity organisation
  • A contractor with some degree of control over any premises
  • Providing accommodation for paying guests
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