Smoke Ventilation (AOV)

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Smoke Ventilation

AOV - How Does it Work?

AOV are installed to clear smoke and hot flue gasses in the event of a fire in order to keep escape and emergency routes clear, and/or provide smoke-free space for fire-fighting.

Smoke Ventilation Systems can vent directly through external walls and roofs using windows, louvres and rooflights, or through internal smoke shafts using smoke dampers

The AOV can be triggered automatically via smoke detection or fire alarm interfaces, or manually using call points/break glasses. The SHEVs then open fully within 60 seconds to remove the smoke.

The AOV’s can be programmed to be reset and closed automatically or manually through the control system.

A typical Dyer staircase system:

  • Control panel with breakglass
  • Fire / smoke alarm
  • Breakglass unit
  • EN certified vents
  • HMO Approved Systems

We tailor each smoke ventilation solution to suit your needs:

  • Stand-alone system or integrated with existing fire alarm interfaces
  • Multi-zone and internal options
  • Optical smoke alarms and heat alarms
  • Data transmission across BUS technology
  • Integration with natural ventilation via automatic window opening

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