Fire Alarm Systems

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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are electronic devices used in commercial businesses and in some residences. These systems are designed to help minimize the number of lives lost to fire and smoke emergencies, and also to help protect property and buildings from fire damage. Fire alarms come in a variety of designs, and are installed based on the requirements of an individual building. These systems are usually designed by specialty fire alarm contractors, though some smaller systems may be developed by the project’s enginee

Security isn’t only about protecting your buildings and property from intruders and vandalism, an element which can do far more damage to your business or home is fire which is why Security Red Alert provides an extensive range of fire alarms, prevention and extinguishers.

If you own a business, a home of multiple occupancy or offer accommodation to paying guests it is required by law that your building complies with this order and we will always recommend the best alarm system to help you reach and exceed the stipulation of the regulations

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